Do kids get too much homework?

Have you experienced a time when your child stayed up till late to finish his assignments? Have you given up your weekends to solve homework? Has your kid complained about being given a lot of homework? Many parents and their kids are completely exhausted by the number of homework assignments that kids take home. And yet, researchers say that the students in America have just the right quantity of homework.

One of the parents wrote an email to one of the organizations concerned with schools that kids have a high emotional effect on homework. The parent wrote that his first, who was in first grade, was given an assignment that required him (son) to research a historical figure and write in not less than two pages, the person’s bibliography. Now how would you expect a kid to do all that research by himself? Schools are pushing kids to the limits and are expecting a lot from kids.

One of the teachers in San Francisco agrees by saying that the teachers are stressing kids out. But wait, it is not only the children who are that get stressed out? “Kids nowadays are given projects that are fit for college students,” said another frustrated parent, “it is not only kids who are suffering due to a lot of homework.” The bottom line is that kids have a lot of homework to do, and most of the homework is unnecessary and unproductive.

One fact about homework is teachers have agreed that young children these days take home a lot of homework more than before. A psychology professor in one of the universities said that parents were right by saying they were not given homework in their early grades ─ that their children do. The quantity of homework for children in second grade and first grade in the past years has been increasing slowly from 0 to 20 minutes a night.

For example, children in high school in the ’90s were not doing a lot of homework than the children of the ’60s, ’70s, or the ’80s. There is no significant change in the amount of homework in these years. The average time for doing homework this year was roughly four hours a week.

In research carried out by one of the educators, they found out that homework has mostly received backlash. Most campaigns happening was against homework, and children had the advantage of using their time watching birds, playing outside. This movement was successful in how the arm of the government that makes laws passed a law of eradicating homework. This law did not last long. It lasted about a period of a decade and a half. Then there was another demonstration about homework in the ’30s.

The people who advocate the theory of doing homework have remained undeviating why homework is also a critical practice. The reasons are, one builds up the habit of studying independently. Second, it expands the work that students do in the classroom with extra time focused on a given task.


Homework is an activity that needs to be done in small quantities to kids because they take time to process information, and they don’t think like adults. It is dangerous to overburden kids with too much work and deny them time to play. Homework should be well regulated for the benefit of the student.