No Homework over Winter Break

In kids' day-to-day life, they tend to wake up as early as 5:30 am to prepare for school. Many kids and parents always look forward to school breaks. Two weeks to the winter break, and both teachers and kids can't keep calm. During the break, all kids think about is using their devices, having fun with their peers, and napping. Schools all over the country should conclude whether to give homework during the break. Since students need time away from all the school work, this is the best time for them to relax and rejuvenate.

Productivity and Creativity during Breaks

The moment you take a break from work or activity, then there is a possibility you will do my homework better after the rest. Breaks help the brain reset and the body to relax. Breaks help teachers schedule themselves and also increases their innovation. They can use that time to get encouragement, study, have fun, and spend time with the people they love. Both students and teachers need a break since it leads to good performance and productivity. During this break, the students can create bonds either with each other or with other people in society. This break can also make room for cross-culture experiences.

Leads to Pleasure Reading

Teachers should use different techniques to make high school students read. Many a time, teachers of English tend to give students assignments after reading books. Assignments discourage students, and thus, they prefer using their phones more. What if teachers used a different formula of letting students read for entertainment? Teachers will certainly be shocked by how students can read when not under the pressure of being told what to do. If this norm is put into consideration, then students will not only remember the books they read when they were little but also the current ones. Both teachers' and students' talk will be intense since the students would have read for fun and have different ideas.

Is The Final Product Worth It?

During winter break, assignments are less fruitful since students want to spend their time doing different activities such as hunting, camping, or family meetings. As time goes by, homework has proved useless and damaging. Harris Cooper states that too much assignment can either be ineffective or unproductive to the students. Nevertheless, in most cases, teachers may receive poor work from students before the end of January. During the break, most families want to spend time with their children and do other outdoor activities; thus, homework will be useless.

Beginning of Restored Motivation

Students need the winter break because it's the beginning of a new semester. Teachers cannot give assignments since they should start a new unit or rather have finished the previous one. Most schools use the break as a time to relax and reflect. Since during the break students are normally done with their units, then it isn't very worthy of giving them extra work. Most of them will certainly fail to do the extra work by the time schools re-open.

Wrong Message about Work Balance

Teachers should always engage their students. They can achieve this by telling them what they will do during the holiday and also ask them the same. They should show their students that they care about them, spending precious time with their loved ones, and educate themselves on other activities. Teachers should also talk about the effectiveness of sleep, working, and spending time with families. They need to know the basics so that they can apply them.